I am a really Lucky woman, because from my early childhood I've been living with dogs. I was only 6, when the first dog a Hungarian vizsla moved to or family. His name was Ricsi. My father chose this breed because he is a professional hunter. From that moment my life is aboute dogs.

I have to thanks a lot to Ricsi, because I learnt everything aboute dogs from him. We groow up together. Ricsi was an excellent hunting dog, and he could be good in shows too. Unfortunatly he did not have a registration-book, but I really wanted to take him to exhibitons. That's why I asked a "B" registration for him. He lived 13 years with us, but he is still in my heart.
Next to my vizsla loving I also fall in love to the Irish setters. In 1998 I chose my kennel name skyrocket, and my first litter were also Irish setters. I kept a male puppy named "Robin", who was an excellent choise. On the exhibitions he won everrything, not only in Hungary, but also in abrode. In 2000, 2001, 2002 he became the most succesful Irish setter in Hungary. From the Berboss kennel we bought a female puppy "Greace" next to him. Unfortunatly Robin was only 5 when passed away.

After my first vizsla, Ricsi died we got a Hungarian vizsla puppy, Dennis, but unfortunatly he wasn't good neither for hunting nor for breeding, and we decided to give him to an Austrian family where he lives very happily as a terapian dog.

After Dennis we wanted an excellent dog from a very good kennel, therefore we were looking for it very carfully. Finally from the Magor kennel we bought a male puppy Magor Oguz "Batyu". We made a good decision, because Batyu is an excellent dog in hunting and in the exhibition too. He won the Europienchampion and the Interchampion titels.

Next to Batyu we wanted a female vizsla. "Panka" arrived from the Szedresi Kennel. She was also a great choise. From her very young age she is an excellent show dog. In Dortmund /2003/ Panka won the Worl Junion champion title, and she was 2,5 whe in Kecskemét /2004/ on the Worldmeetin of the Hungarian breedings became the World most beautiful Hungarian vizsla, than the World most beautiful Hungarian breeding dog.

In our family we live with more vizslas. "Jenny" was 3 years old, when we found her. She is a very good working dog, and a great mother. From her first litter, Hjch Indian "Frédi"of Skyrocket became the junior club winner in 2004.

Our dreams became true, when in 2004, thanks to our friends helpness, we could imported a male puppy from England. Rainscote Raba "Parázs" is still young, but even now he is very good in working. We hope one day he will be a great exhibiton dog too.



In the breeding it is very important to us to choose the best qualified dogs. Our dogs resalts are the proof. It is also very important to us that our vizslas have to be good also in shows and in working too. For this we go hunting and prepare them for working test. I hope with our work we can contribute a great and healthy Hungarian vizsla's population, and this breed worthily represent our country's reputation.
We are pleased that our Skyrocket dogs are living all over the world, exp. In Japan, Germany, Sveden, U.S.A., Canada, Italy Ausrtria.

We recommend the Hungarian Vizsla for all those people who has planty of time to work with this energetic, easily traind and very intelligent dogs.
I can say from my experience, that the Hungarian Vizsla acknowledge with love and happiness for all the time and energy we spend with them.

Nikoletta Varga